Learn Music this Summer

During the summer time, we are also considering the kids to enroll in a music center to learn how to sing, play guitar, piano or drums. For my Ethan, he was very interested in playing guitar as we attend our Sunday Worship Service. Or maybe the drums? well, that’s my dream when I was younger.

My kid’s cousin is willing to lend his electric guitar and it needs some re-calibration. For instance, the tuning calibration is very important, well for any musical instrument, it is important. I know from past experience that ag6 tuner will do the work perfectly. So for the drums, maybe I can ask wifey if I can enroll, so that my kid and I can jam together in the future. Wifey can be our vocals. Rock on!

Top Pick: Home Video Game

It is again summer time, we’ve got to do something outdoors or indoors for the next 2 months. Kids will be bored at home for sure. No school. No assignments. All free time. So we decided on several things that we might do this summer. On our list.

Five things we will do this summer:
No. 5 is walking or jogging around our village in the morning or early evening.
No. 4 is playing basketball during late afternoons.
No. 3 is swimming once a month.
No. 2 is digital marketing or online ads posting weekly.
No. 1 is playing video games top games: Forza Horizon, Transformer, Diablo.

Worship Songs

At The Feast, I have learned to sing praise to our God. Through worship songs, I have learned and felt how God loves us all and how his great Love give us hope and happiness. When I feel down or I need connection to Him, I usually prays to Him with the belief that my prayers will be answered through listening by the heart, and with worship songs I strengthen this belief, as they say, prayers through songs has the effects twice as just simply by saying it.

As a former spinner and re-mixer of different music and rhythms, I want my listening experience at its best all the time. So when I listen and pray through worship songs, I use an earphones or headphones with the finest sound quality. So what dj headphones to buy? Well, the answer for that is quite complicated. It all boils down to the preference of the user and the type of music he wants to listen.

Weekly Retreat

We are so grateful when we started attending our weekly retreat, actually it is our weekly bonding with ourselves, family and to our Creator. We call it ” The Feast ” because it is actually as it is stated. A Feast of worship, praise and of people thanking God for his blessing and His great love for us.

It starts with a Holy MassĀ  and followed by a life talk, a talk that actually tells you how to apply God’s word to your daily life, business, work, even in the matter of money and other financial things. Well for me this is a radical way of looking at God’s powerful message on how we manage and make our life in this new age.

It is my weekly retreat because it re-energizes my thoughts, way of thinking and decisions in life every week. It is my weekly charge of hope and love, which comes from the Ultimate Source of all Life, My Protector, My Partner, My God.

Compact and Loud

Before I operated and managed a mobile sound and light system. It was then the trend, people rent mobile systems for their home parties or big parties, for birthdays, baptism, fund raising, political campaign and other occasions needing a sound and speaker system that is strong, clear and loud. That time was a great experience for me both in business and personal. I learn a lot how to manipulate and manage sound system.

Several months ago, I was dreaming that I should have my own place t home. A home office. A place of my own. A music room. Well, it was more like a dream now, I want a music room that is compact and loud for my own pleasure and also we can use it for small parties we have at home once in a while. I was wondering if it would be compact, I can’t have big speakers but rather use a yamaha audio, pioneer or numark brands. JBL is good before, but its too big for a music room. So better stick to those compact once. Hope this dream comes true very soon.

Businessmaker Academy

It’s more than 5 months now since I started negotiating with Businessmaker Academy if I can market their short courses, small and home business seminars and business seminars. The owner is very easy to talk to and he is very supportive of my advocacy since ours are almost the same. So after a few emails, Q and A’s with the good guys and some questions about booking and marketing procedures from his staff, all was made good and both parties agreed. So now, we are partners is giving awareness that a small venture can help greatly to nation’s building. We are now ready to help and give opportunities to people willing to create income aside from being an employee. We encourage people to be more of themselves so they can help others in their own ways. Thank you Businessmaker Academy in helping us spread that small business ventures makes a lot in our young and thriving economy.

Smartphone or Music

Our son will be 13 years old this coming October. We are wondering what would be the best present for his birthday? For the past weeks, he was telling us of having a smartphone of his own, so he can text and call his friends and cousins, play android games with it but his school doesn’t allow any gadgets or cellphones in their school premises, will that be a good idea? or we can enroll him to a music center where he can learn how to play guitar, drums, etc. We know of a great place where our musician’s friend buys their instruments and accessories. Several weeks to go before his birthday, wifey and I should have a decision by then.

Internet Marketing

As our country online shoppers grow exponentially on year-to-year basis, there is a pot of gold in marketing online. I’m a believer of online commerce, marketing and selling. For years now I have been re-educating myself, learning new ways how to market in this digital world new products and services. And it gave me a new way of generating income in the comforts of my home. At HBB Filipinoys we will train you how to be an online marketing agent.

Internet marketing is the new door-to-door way of selling using your computers, smartphones or gadgets. All you need is willingness to learn, common sense, quality products and services then you are off to new way of creating money. Be your own boss. This is also the best way to start off a business with a very minimal need for capital. So, Learn & Earn from Internet Marketing today!

Early Christmas

Here in our country, we start celebrating Christmas at the start of the ber months. It’s September now, then it’s Christmas season for us now, Yey! You can hear Christmas songs and medleys in the neighborhood in the morning, in the mall and everywhere were there are lots of people.

Of course, as Christmas nears, we prepare everything specially our home. So it is also time for renovations and repairs. For this year we have decided to start preparing our rooms, to start, a good new color of light blue wall will do the trick and varnish for the door. Varnish too for the cabinets and replacement of several 1/2 inch overlay cabinet hinges for its doors. White color for the ceiling and new set of aluminum screen for our windows. That’s it for now. For October will be a set of new repairs too for the house.

Homecoming contributions, sponsorships and support

As we near our 25th High School Homecoming this December 2014 more and more school mates are getting involve in this event. One of the most important thing to accomplish first, most of all is the creation of fund that will financially support this event.

We started with a voluntary contribution of 5,000 per batch member but if you are more blessed than others then you can pledge more. There are also sponsorship packages starting from 2,500 to as high as 50,000, that anybody can offer to their companies or own business, these packages have very good inclusions from booth space, posters and acknowledgement during the homecoming program itself.

We also created bank accounts and remittance details, so payments, contributions and pledges can be received via bank deposits and remittance centers. With all of these ideas, we are hoping that this homecoming will be our batch legacy. Pro Deo et Patria.

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