Smartphone or Music

Our son will be 13 years old this coming October. We are wondering what would be the best present for his birthday? For the past weeks, he was telling us of having a smartphone of his own, so he can text and call his friends and cousins, play android games with it but his school doesn’t allow any gadgets or cellphones in their school premises, will that be a good idea? or we can enroll him to a music center where he can learn how to play guitar, drums, etc. We know of a great place where our musician’s friend buys their instruments and accessories. Several weeks to go before his birthday, wifey and I should have a decision by then.

Internet Marketing

As our country online shoppers grow exponentially on year-to-year basis, there is a pot of gold in marketing online. I’m a believer of online commerce, marketing and selling. For years now I have been re-educating myself, learning new ways how to market in this digital world new products and services. And it gave me a new way of generating income in the comforts of my home. At HBB Filipinoys we will train you how to be an online marketing agent.

Internet marketing is the new door-to-door way of selling using your computers, smartphones or gadgets. All you need is willingness to learn, common sense, quality products and services then you are off to new way of creating money. Be your own boss. This is also the best way to start off a business with a very minimal need for capital. So, Learn & Earn from Internet Marketing today!

Early Christmas

Here in our country, we start celebrating Christmas at the start of the ber months. It’s September now, then it’s Christmas season for us now, Yey! You can hear Christmas songs and medleys in the neighborhood in the morning, in the mall and everywhere were there are lots of people.

Of course, as Christmas nears, we prepare everything specially our home. So it is also time for renovations and repairs. For this year we have decided to start preparing our rooms, to start, a good new color of light blue wall will do the trick and varnish for the door. Varnish too for the cabinets and replacement of several 1/2 inch overlay cabinet hinges for its doors. White color for the ceiling and new set of aluminum screen for our windows. That’s it for now. For October will be a set of new repairs too for the house.

Homecoming contributions, sponsorships and support

As we near our 25th High School Homecoming this December 2014 more and more school mates are getting involve in this event. One of the most important thing to accomplish first, most of all is the creation of fund that will financially support this event.

We started with a voluntary contribution of 5,000 per batch member but if you are more blessed than others then you can pledge more. There are also sponsorship packages starting from 2,500 to as high as 50,000, that anybody can offer to their companies or own business, these packages have very good inclusions from booth space, posters and acknowledgement during the homecoming program itself.

We also created bank accounts and remittance details, so payments, contributions and pledges can be received via bank deposits and remittance centers. With all of these ideas, we are hoping that this homecoming will be our batch legacy. Pro Deo et Patria.

Our 25th Homecoming Celebration

Time flies, so fast.

This coming December 2014, we will celebrating our 25th High School Homecoming . We are now into organizing this once in a lifetime event. Most of us is excited and working hand-in-hand in the planning and preparations. We have several pledges from old classmates, that will help in the funding. Others are preparing things for our souvenirs. Some are planning and creating layouts, so our venue will be grand and beautiful on that historic day. Others are involved in creating awareness of this Homecoming using the internet, online channels, facebook and traditional means.

One big challenge is having a souvenir or token that will make this homecoming the most memorable one. Some suggested a digital souvenir program. One says a homecoming shirt. Others wants traditional yearbook-like souvenir with the pictures of before and now. My suggestion is a class rings high school since we do not have a class ring during or after high school graduation, maybe this time it will be a good time to have one. What ever it is, what’s important is that we make this a happy homecoming and a way to reconnecting with our teachers, old friends, classmates and batchmates.

The Feast – A Catholic Prayer Meeting

I have been researching and ¬†looking personally for a mentor or a teacher that will help me in my entrepreneurial skills. I also been praying for a renewed spiritual relationship with the Roman Catholic Church. A re-connection that will fill my hunger for spiritual happiness and maturity. I’m longing for a community that will help me grow more in my online business and introduce me to another revenue streams, that I have been interested but ignored it because no one have explained to me that though it is risky it is also profitable. So after praying for all of these, guess what? God answered it at the right moment. Yes, He answered it with a BANG!.

He gave us THE FEAST. It is a Catholic Charismatic Renewal Ministry under the Light of Jesus Family Ministry. YES, it is Catholic. They have a presiding priest that celebrates Holy Mass. After the Mass, they have a Life changing talk on God, Life, Business, Money and more and they always do it – God’s way!

The Feast

Planning for a New Business

W and I are now discussing things on how we can create more income for our plan on purchasing a pre-owned car by the end of the year. First come to mind was to set a bigger saving on a monthly basis, which was easily decided upon by both of us and second, create a new income stream either by creating or trading products or services. Also, we can be affiliates or agents for certain products and services and get commissions from every sale. For trading, it would be a buy and sale mode which we will be focusing on imported goods which is not available here locally. For creating our products, I think we will be needing a informal training to produce our own line of products such as soaps, perfumes and household products. Whatever we decide, what we really need is a good marketing print outs or brochures that will feature our business. For this we will be needing a professional design that will make our business look great. Since we are selling online, an online print solutions at comes to mind to be practical. We just hope that we can make an agreement to this new business, since when it comes to business W and I do not mix well.

Brand new or Pre-owned

Several weeks ago, we all decided to go window shopping for our next family vehicle. We were not sure what we really want so we just go and see what will happen. On the first shop, it was a really a second hand car shop with few units available but the vehicles were clean and shiny, we saw there a Toyota Corolla. It was clean and old but it’s not what we want. Second shop featured new compact cars such as Hyundai and Kia, the offer is good but we can’t afford the monthly amortization for 5 years, so went on. Third shop was another second hand car shop that offers in-house financing, after looking around we saw this Nissan Sentra, it was quite old but looks good and sporty plus we can purchase it on installment plan or we just wait and save for now and purchase it outright. The final decision was that to save for now and go for the pre-owned car “Nissan Sentra”

Cant Decide

As summer is fast approaching H and I are thinking of getting our son to enroll to music class apart from his badminton activities. We are torn between guitar and sax or thrombone as we also would like for him to join drum & bugle corp at school. My brother has a guitar at home but he seemed to have no interest so I think I will have to buy a plastic trombone and see if my son likes it.

Need a Vacay

It is almost summer and H and I are planning on activities that we can do during this time. I was thinking of going back to baguio just to cool off as it is cold inthose parts but H wanted to go to the beach or swimming. I have always wanted to go to Boracay, curious on how the place looks and why people wanted to go there but Im not sure if H is up for the upcoming expenses that it will incur. Well, we havent decided yet though, but I will definitely post something after.

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