Planning for a New Business

W and I are now discussing things on how we can create more income for our plan on purchasing a pre-owned car by the end of the year. First come to mind was to set a bigger saving on a monthly basis, which was easily decided upon by both of us and second, create a new income stream either by creating or trading products or services. Also, we can be affiliates or agents for certain products and services and get commissions from every sale. For trading, it would be a buy and sale mode which we will be focusing on imported goods which is not available here locally. For creating our products, I think we will be needing a informal training to produce our own line of products such as soaps, perfumes and household products. Whatever we decide, what we really need is a good marketing print outs or brochures that will feature our business. For this we will be needing a professional design that will make our business look great. Since we are selling online, an online print solutions at comes to mind to be practical. We just hope that we can make an agreement to this new business, since when it comes to business W and I do not mix well.

Brand new or Pre-owned

Several weeks ago, we all decided to go window shopping for our next family vehicle. We were not sure what we really want so we just go and see what will happen. On the first shop, it was a really a second hand car shop with few units available but the vehicles were clean and shiny, we saw there a Toyota Corolla. It was clean and old but it’s not what we want. Second shop featured new compact cars such as Hyundai and Kia, the offer is good but we can’t afford the monthly amortization for 5 years, so went on. Third shop was another second hand car shop that offers in-house financing, after looking around we saw this Nissan Sentra, it was quite old but looks good and sporty plus we can purchase it on installment plan or we just wait and save for now and purchase it outright. The final decision was that to save for now and go for the pre-owned car “Nissan Sentra”

Cant Decide

As summer is fast approaching H and I are thinking of getting our son to enroll to music class apart from his badminton activities. We are torn between guitar and sax or thrombone as we also would like for him to join drum & bugle corp at school. My brother has a guitar at home but he seemed to have no interest so I think I will have to buy a plastic trombone and see if my son likes it.

Need a Vacay

It is almost summer and H and I are planning on activities that we can do during this time. I was thinking of going back to baguio just to cool off as it is cold inthose parts but H wanted to go to the beach or swimming. I have always wanted to go to Boracay, curious on how the place looks and why people wanted to go there but Im not sure if H is up for the upcoming expenses that it will incur. Well, we havent decided yet though, but I will definitely post something after.

Family Reunion

We are having our Family reunion again this year. These reunion are from my father side of the family. We had our last reunion almost 3 years ago and it was fun and a blast. I cannot remember where was the last time we had this kind of reunion when I was young. So I can tell you that the 2011 reunion was the first and this year would be the second. The first reunion we had was a pot luck kind, so we just have to bring what we can bring and enjoy everything in between. This time we made up a committee to organize the event and we were assigned to tables and chairs preparation. For this one we are looking for a white economy tableskirting and some chair skirting too, these skirts will definitely make an ordinary table and chair looks great. We are also hoping to find some skirts that would not need pins to set up. Some says that we should make two big tables for all the food but we will be sticking to one big table because this is a reunion, so I must say one big table says something to what we are doing. Re-union. One. Unity.

Another New Hobby

As the new year comes for something new, new hope, new plans, new starts, etc. I and my son also started something new for 2014. We started collecting small item cars of old and new models. For me, I really liked to collect cars from the 50′s to 70′s while my son made up his mind to collect beetle vehicles, volkswagens and some new racing and model cars for himself. I was surprised to appreciate some custom, stock racing model cars from the 60′s to 70′s too. These model cars are as small as a matchbox, they are affordable and they look incredible. So there you go. Do you have something new started for the new year?


Family and I will be off to the groceries latter for the 1st grocery purchase for 2014, we need to buy some supplies as we are mostly out of it. Also H is going to go to look for a lid stay or some of it that he is going to use to have some cabinetry done at home with his cousin. I hope we can get things done fast as I really wanted to watch some movies at home since we bought some dvd’s yesterday. How about you guys? Hows your weekend going to be?

Chicken Macaroni Salad

I was thinking of what could be the best snack that I can make something for the weekend. Also since my sister will be arriving here next week, something to share her with. I thought of one of my favorite snacks that my SIL shared her recipe before that I decided to make and also share to you guys. Happy eating!


350 grams chicken breast
1 pc chicken cube
½ tsp rock salt
200 grams uncooked, DEL MONTE salad macaroni
1 large (50g) finely minced, native onion/ red onion
50 grams peeled & finely grated, carrot
1/8 tsp fine salt
1/8 tsp ground black pepper
¼ cup grated, EDEN cheddar cheese
¼ cup minced, EDEN cheddar cheese
1 can (439g) of DOLE pineapple tidbits, drained well & reserve syrup
1 tbsp pineapple reserve syrup
1 tbsp LADY’S CHOICE sweet relished pickles
30 grams SUN MAID raisins
5 foil pouches (80ml each)/ 1-2/3 cup LADY’S CHOICE mayonnaise

Here’s how:

In a casserole, combine first-four ingredients. Cover. Bring to boil. Lower fire to low, simmer for 18-20 minutes. Remove chicken. Reserve chicken stock. Drain chicken well. Cut into small chunks. Set aside.

Cook the pasta as directed but instead of using plain water use the chicken stock, add some more water if necessary. Drain the pasta well.

Combine all ingredients in large bowl. Mix well. Place in plastic containers or small cups for individual servings. Cover. Refrigerate.

Serve cold. Use as side dish or appetizer.

New Year, New Hobbies

How was your New Year so far? Im sure most of you guys are still in denial and are still on vacation mode but for me, everything is back to normal. I am thinking of new things to collect this year as a hobby. Last few years I was fascinated with digital scrapbooking, don’t get me wrong I am still loving it but now I am thinking of something new. A cousin of mine will be home next week and he has promised me he will bring with him some awesome navy challenge coins that he has collected. Would coin collecting be an interesting thing to do? Let me know.

Happy New Year


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